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Rack Sense are fully licenced with Microsoft under the SPLA scheme to provide monthly leased licencing for Windows Server operating system, SQL Server and other products.

Windows 2003 Server - Web edition
Windows 2003 Server Web edition is a special version of Windows 2003 Server with a licencing scheme suited to hosting environments.

Traditionally Windows server has required CALs (client access licences) for each authenticated connection to the server.

Web edition removes the requirement for CALs, this is achieved by placing some restrictions on usage and functionality that may require the use of Standard edition for some applications:

  • Web edition does not support Windows Media Services (streaming).
  • Web edition does not support MS SQL database server except Express.
  • Installations of non-Web serving applications are prohibited.
  • Please see the offical Microsoft Web edition overview link below for full details.

    Windows 2003 Server - Web, Standard and Enterprise editions
    Limitations:RAMCPUsFirewallMS SQLMedia Services

    Web edition2GB2NoneNN
    Web edition SP12GB2YesNN
    Standard edition4GB4ICFYY
    Enterprise edition8GB64ICFYY

    For licencing Microsoft define a CPU as a physical CPU, so a single dual core processor would be classed as one CPU for licencing purposes.

    Please see the following Microsoft documents for further explanation:

    Click here for the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server comparison matrix »»

    Click here for the Microsoft Windows 2003 Web edition overview »»
    Click here for the Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard edition overview »»
    Click here for the Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise edition overview »»

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    We can provide MS SQL Server versions as follows:

  • SQL Server 2000 Standard and Enterprise
  • SQL Server 2005 Workgroup, Standard and Enterprise
  • Licenced as either processor licences or SAL authenticated licences.

    Click here for the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 comparison matrix »»


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