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FreeBSD project

Rack Sense has over ten years experience with the FreeBSD operating system.

The FreeBSD operating system is an open source BSD based UNIX like operating system which has been in continuous development since 1993 — read more on the history of FreeBSD.

Today FreeBSD is used for a wide range of applications (mail servers, web servers, database servers, routers, firewalls, etc) and with a large userbase, ranging from small business users to corporates and large internet operations such as Yahoo.

FreeBSD excels as a server operating system with many enhancements having been made to optimise performance as a server platform, combined with a very minimal and uncluttered base installation.

Rack Sense can apply it's FreeBSD expertise for all aspects of:

  • Deployment: installation and configuration
  • Applications: build and configuration
  • Open source: build and configuration
  • Security and backups
  • Networking
  • We specialise in dedicated server hardware optimised to perform well with FreeBSD.

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    28 Apr 2009

    Rack Sense celebrates 5th birthday!

    20 Nov 2008

    Rack Sense adds Telia for network resilience

    17 Mar 2008

    Product refresh with latest Dell enterprise servers

    06 Feb 2008

    News: Rack Sense adds NTT/Verio for network resilience
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