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Opteron Dedicated Servers - Linux, Debian, Redhat, FreeBSD, Windows

Our AMD Opteron servers offer the latest generations of single/dual cores and processors.

All of our servers utilise high quality Supermicro hot-swap chassis and server boards with 3ware RAID controllers.

Sample configurations follow below — please contact us for further details.

Entry level 2.0GHz Opteron 146

  • 2.0GHz Opteron 146
  • 1x 160GB SATA disk
  • 200 GB per month data transfer

  • £200 /month plus set-up fees.

    2.0Ghz Opteron 146 RAID1

  • 2.0GHz Opteron 146
  • 2x 160GB SATA disk
  • 3ware hardware RAID1 (mirroring)
  • 250 GB per month data transfer
  • £250 /month plus set-up fees.

    2GHz Dual Core Opteron RAID1

  • Dual Core Opteron 170
  • 2x 160GB SATA disk
  • 3ware hardware RAID1 (mirroring)
  • 300 GB per month data transfer
  • £300 /month plus set-up fees.

    2GHz Dual Opteron RAID 0/1/5/10

  • 2x 2.0GHz Opteron 246
  • 3x 160GB SATA disk
  • 3ware hardware RAID 0/1/5/10
  • 300 GB per month data transfer
  • £350 /month plus set-up fees.

    Core service features as standard with every server we provide:

    Remote web reboot
    Remotely control server reboots via web power control interface.

    Multiple ethernet interfaces
    We connect each server to both our internet LAN and our dedicated data backup LAN.

    100Mbit/s burstable
    All servers are fully burstable to 100Mbit/s to handle variable traffic patterns.

    UNIX or Windows 2003 platforms
    Specialists in Debian and FreeBSD, we can also handle other distributions and Windows.

    Server rated storage
    We utilise 24/7 rated raid edition hard disks for ultimate storage reliability.

    We have a range of flexible service options that can be packaged with our dedicated server solutions.

    Tailored installations
    Custom partitioning and package installation to client specification.

    Remote systems management options
    Remote web reboot, serial console, KVM over IP management.

    Data centre remote hands
    Emergency problem resolution.

    Server administration & consultancy
    Expert systems management — ad-hoc or ongoing, software installation, configuration services, technical advice and consultancy.

    Flexible bandwidth options
    Bandwidth available as GB per month or Mbit/s.

    Firewall and security
    Software and hardware firewall options.

    Data backup services
    Backup to our NAS (Network Attached Storage) server through our data backup LAN.

    Private LANs
    VLANs for private management and backup networks

    Monitoring & alerting
    Systems uptime monitoring.

    DNS and mail backup services
    Primary/secondary DNS hosting / Mail backup/secondary MX hosting



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