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UK Infrastructure


In the UK our services are housed in the Interxion London data centre (City, E1) and Surrey data centre facilities.

Our connectivity is provided using our own multi-provider BGP network with a mix of multiple tier-1 providers:

  • 1x 100Mbps primary transit feed direct to NTT/Verio on-net Telehouse PoP
  • 1x 100Mbps primary transit feed direct to Level(3) on-net Interxion PoP
  • 1x 100Mbps primary transit feed direct to AboveNet on-net Interxion PoP
  • 1x 100Mbps backup transit feed direct to Cogent on-net Interxion PoP
  • Our transit SLAs give us guarantees on availability and against latency and packet loss ensuring quality connectivity.

  • High performance gigabit Juniper core routers
  • 1Gb/s ethernet links to each rack
  • Private gigabit management/backup LAN
  • Local open source mirror archive
  • Network install (PXE) boot and patch servers
  • Network equipment from Juniper, HP, Cisco, Allied Telesyn and APC
  • Remote management — web reboot, serial consoles and KVM over IP
  • Multi-homed BGP network (AS34706)

    A carrier neutral data centre is typically not owed or operated by a telco or carrier, instead the facility is owned by a data centre provider who encourages multiple telcos to be present in the facility and offer competing services to the customers leasing space. This offers the major benefits of choice and flexibility for selecting from a wide range of telecoms and connectivity suppliers present.


    An often misused term, "tier-1" describes a connectivity provider who owns all their own network infrastructure and does not need to purchase transit connectivity from other providers to reach any destinations. This puts the provider in the advantageous position of having full control over their network connectivity to all destinations.


    BGP is a routing protocol used to connect internet networks to multiple connectivity providers and automatically re-route traffic via alternate paths. It benefits service providers to be able to switch and re-route their traffic via different connectivity suppliers without changing IP address numbering.


    "On-net" is often used to describe a building where the connectivity provider has their own PoP (Point of Presence) and equipment within the building. Commonly in the US, due to geographical distance, some data centres will bring in their connectivity over leased circuits from the nearest provider PoP rather than the provider having their own on-site presence. On-net PoPs serving a large number of customers tend to be more resiliently designed and connected than individual leased circuits.


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    17 Mar 2008

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    06 Feb 2008

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    Interxion Level(3) AboveNet
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